Jose Delgado is a 25-year-old college student who introduces tourists to Costa Rica's rainforest diversity. After a roadside biking accident led to the surgical removal of his eye, Jose's livelihood is in peril. 

Samuel Moore is a 55-year-old veterinarian with a spouse and three kids living in the U.S. Over time macular degeneration caused his vision to deteriorate profoundly. Vitamin supplements prescribed in the early 21st century successfully slowed the progression of macular degeneration, but vision loss continues.

Mahina Tangata is a 15-year-old Polynesian victim of childhood glaucoma after years of intraocular pressures caused her to become nearly blind. With no significant available medical interventions, she faces a life of dependence and destitution. 

In 2030, the NIBEye will provide a cost-effective visual prosthesis that restores previously irreversible vision loss to complete acuity. Thanks to the NIBEye, Jose earns his college degree and continues his eco-passion, galvanized by nearly losing his ability to see the rainforests. Samuel continues to coach a local little league team and organize various community fundraising events. Mahina no longer has to dramatically alter her daily routine and pay for expensive treatments. Instead, she continues to enjoy life, school, and numerous extracurricular activities.