Typical chronobiology profiles

This cycle shows core body temperature. The chronobiometer will record skin temperature. Heat redistribution from the core of the body to the periphery, as measured by an abrupt increase in skin temperature, is the best predictor for sleep onset.




The melatonin biosensor will measure skin melatonin production in real-time. The output from three different individuals and their peak performance time is shown here. Individual 1 is alert from 9am to 11pm.Individual 2 is an early bird. Individual 3 is either a night owl, or is suffering from a jet lag after travelling to a distant part of the globe.




Wrist activity profile as measured by the Actiwatch component of the chronobiometer. The activity component can create profiles like the one shown here for an "early bird" individual whose activity is maximum during early hours of the day, slows down towards the latter part of the day and is minimal during deep sleep. The output on the chronobiometer will read "alert", "sluggish" "sleepy" and so on.