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Elementary Students Solve Energy Problem.

New Device will harness energy from the ocean to create clean, renewable, green power.

Concerned about the future, four elementary students set out to create a new technology to solve the world’s energy crisis. Today, our modern world depends on electricity, more than half of which comes from non-renewable resources.

"With world populations growing, oil prices over $100 a barrel, and concerns about greenhouse gasses, people need clean, renewable energy," said the kids. "What better way to meet that need than by harnessing the endless power of the sea?"

More than 75 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered in water, and an ocean swell has more energy than nearly any other natural force, they explained. Scientists say that harnessing 0.2% of that energy could light up the world!

After learning about wave energy from science papers, newspapers, and magazines - and by visiting scientists at Oregon State University - they designed and built the Wavemaster.

Relying on Farady’s principle of electric induction, the Wavemaster converts raw wave power into electricity. Using three Wavemasters, they built a scale model wave-power farm in a fish tank - and it worked!

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