Score a set and you won't need a net!


Go outside, no nets required. Inside your SportaVision smart goggle, a virtual playing field appears. When you put on SportaVision, you see the nets or goals for football, soccer, or volleyball. The nets or goals are not really there, they just appear in your goggles using a heads-up display. Our invention is cool because SportaVision can be used anywhere sports are played. SportaVision memorizes any field after a simple setup using GPS technology. SportaVision is charged by radio waves. The base stations transform into a protective carrying case with storage space for the goggles. With a tiny transmitter inside the ball, SportaVision tracks the location of the ball using radio wave triangulation. SportaVision lets you know when the ball crosses the line or a point is scored because the lines or nets change colors. No more arguments! SportaVision…score a set and you won’t need a net.