Productivity benefits

  • Extended underwater time (60+ hrs)
  • Less energy required due to the
    small size of the Aquagill
  • Exploration of tight spaces
  • New jobs created
  • A look at the before and after
  • Underwater farming and mining
    made possible
  • More natural resources

  • Recreational benefits

  • Safer for inexperienced divers
  • Increased tourism
  • Easier to operate

  • Scientific benefits

  • Novel places to explore
  • New species to discover
  • Newly available substances for clothing, medicine, and building materials
  • Recovery of lost artifacts, ships, and aircraft
  • Extended time for experiments available
  • Lack of exhalation bubbles benefiting wildlife observation, construction,
    and maneuvering in fragile wreckage

  • Military benefits

  • Easier Navy SEAL operations
  • Rescue of submariners possible

  • Environmental benefits

  • Issue of overpopulation negated
  • Fewer people on land decreasing ozone polution

  • Consequences

  • Possible effect of massive human population on the underwater ecosystem
  • More underwater fatalities due to increased number of people
  • Unknown effect of high pressure on humans for extended periods of time