While our GEbolaL suit has the power to transform health care related to the treatment of infectious diseases, it is not without potential challenges.

Advantages of GEbolaL:

  • Improved comfort, protection and breathability
  • Improved user experience, both for doctors and patients (while also increasing safety)
  • Prevents infection for public and people who treat patients with Ebola
  • Easier to apply and remove than current suit
  • Less prone to user error when putting on and off
  • More effective at preventing disease spread than current suits
  • Can be adapted for use preventing spread of other other contagious diseases
  • Germ repellent underneath the gel prevents germ exposure to skin
  • Helps prevent against a pandemic

“To me, the main advantages would be comfort, ease of use, and improved safety.”
-Dr. Colin Reed, MD

Challenges to Overcome:

  • Risk of malfunction in scanner that would put healthcare workers at risk for exposure
  • Potential risk of infection through pores
  • Risk of gel transferring germs to surfaces
  • Suit is expensive to produce
  • Requires training to put on safely

Sketch of our GLobal suit design.