Low-rolling resistance tires: Low rolling resistance tires differ from conventional tires in that they are more inflated and thus, more fuel-efficient. When a vehicle is in motion, its tires are continually forced to deform under the weight of the car and then to recover, releasing heat energy in the process. The more inflated tires with their rigid surfaces are able to resist the weight of the vehicle and overcome rolling resistance more effectively.

Hybrid Cars: A hybrid car, powered by both gasoline and electricity, is far more fuel efficient than a gasoline-powered engine alone. Electricity is collected by the hybridís battery from two sources: the carís internal combustion engine that powers a generator and its regenerative brake system.  In regenerative braking, the movement of the wheels as a car comes to a stop is relayed to the electric motor, which in turn functions as another generator that charges the battery. When there is enough power stored, the electric motor takes over in providing the power for the vehicle which turns off the vehicle's internal combustion engine.