To increase the absorption efficiency of the photovoltaic cells, the quantum dots and photovoltaic cells need to be tuned to a short range of sending and receiving frequencies, in the same way a radio dial tunes into the frequency of a radio station. Unfortunately, this technology still needs to be further developed to one day be compatible with the microscopic sizes of the quantum dots and photovoltaic cells in our invention.

 Another technology that needs to further evolve is the nanotube fibers, which will function as the backbone of the super lattice. Nanotechnology researchers are currently spinning hundred-meter long carbon nanotube fibers that have been shown to be stronger than steel, so incorporating them to our invention will greatly increase its durability. More importantly, the functional groups within the nanotube fibers will anchor the quantum dots, which readily attach to materials through functional groups, to the lattice. Thus, the quantum dots will be securely protected from the harshness of road travel.

Although the complexity of our system might increase its price, these two enhancements will nevertheless increase the demand for our invention.