Photo of the Lozacote Bandage.
Daily Uses of the Lozacote Bandage
Lozacotes can be purchased at any drugstore in a variety of sizes at a
variety of prices.
The bandage can go anywhere and be applied easily and quickly.

Apply to knicks and cuts received while shaving. Blood stops in 2
seconds.  By the time you get to work the bandage has either seeped
into the wound or has evaporated.
Lozacote Computers can also be purchased, but aren't linked to the
satellite.  They perform blood checks and check the healing progress of
any Lozacote Bandage within a foot of the computer.
A must have for parents and can be used on any scratch, burn or cut.
Can be used inside the mouth to stop bleeding from dental surgery (no
more stitches!), bleeding from a lost tooth, or any injury to the mouth,
tongue or lips.
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