RegenxImagine the Possibilities

Say Goodbye to Prostheses and Imagine a Whole New You

The Benefits

  •  By regenerating the individual’s own limb, the disability is removed and the individual returns to a “whole” state without any handicaps.

  • The regenerated limb is  a cost saver in the long run to both the patient and the medical system.

The Risks

  • A minimal risk of tumor formation exists given the rapidly dividing cells.


The Possibilities

  • 93% of patients treated with RegenX reported very good or excellent results.
  • 75% of patients reported that they often forget they had undergone the treatment.
  • 99% of patients would be willing to undergo the treatment again if necessary.
  • Side effects seem to be comparable to controls.
  • Most insurance companies cover the cost of treatment because artificial prostheses are more costly in the long run.
“Life Can Begin Again & Miracles Really Do Happen.”