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The main challenges for CHANGE are economic ones. Adeno-associated viruses are very costly to produce, and mass producing the cure for the millions who have AIDS is a daunting prospect. The genes need to be extracted from humans and primates, replicated, and inserted into the virus. Then, the vaccine needs to be effectively distributed and administered to those around the world; a task that is neither easy nor cheap.

One issue that pertains to this technology, specifically gene therapy, is that of ethics. Gene therapy is far from a perfect process. Widespread use of gene therapy will undoubtedly cause controversy. Should a gene-therapy treatment go wrong, it will cast doubt upon the whole project.

If this product gets onto the market within the next 20 years, millions of lives will be saved. Everyone who has AIDS will be given the opportunity to once again live life to its fullest. Those with AIDS will no longer have to take medleys of drugs that do little to cure their affliction. The current cost of a moderately effective AIDS treatment is $30,000 per year. We hope to use CHANGE to pave the way for a better, healthier future.