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We live in a world overrun by AIDS; where the most in need are the most neglected; where 33 million face the slow and painful degradation of their bodies but have no hope for a cure. We envision a brighter future, one where the AIDS epidemic ceases to exist. As seen in the slideshow, development of CHANGE over the next two decades will put an end to the AIDS epidemic, restoring the lives of all those who are affected.

Unfortunately, modern day AIDS treatments have many issues that make them far from perfect.

Today, not only is there no cure for AIDS, but current treatments consist of administering a combination of drugs that need to be taken daily. With so much medication needed, the average cost of AIDS treatment adds up to $30,000 a year.

With such costly treatments, it is not surprising that most countries do not have access to them. Even though poorer countries are the most overrun by AIDS, they are the ones with no treatment.

Even with the best treatment after contracting HIV, the average life expectancy is only 24 years; after developing into full-blown AIDS, it's only a few. The frequency and dosage of the treatment also leads to an array of side effects.

The gene therapy route of treating AIDS is meant to provide a safe, easy, one-time treatment for AIDS. It will provide a solution to all these current problems. In essence, CHANGE will be a vaccine for those who have not contracted AIDS and a cure for those who have. Countries, both rich and poor, will have access to it, and people will not have to deal with any side effects. In the next 20 years, CHANGE will make a difference in the lives of AIDS victims.