At a leading elementary school, three brilliant young students created an invention that was finally released to the public today. The news crews were firing questions through the crowd, trying to be the first to get the scoop.

         Reporter: Why didn't the Appy-Bots exist in the past?

         TL: Well, we only used to be able to put hundreds of atoms together.

         KS: But, now we can put millions to billions of atoms together to create out Appy-Bots as large bio-molecules.

         Reporter: Why won't stomach acids or the body's immune system destroy them?

         LR: Well, based on medical research, we had to create an outer coating of a carbon substance like a diamond nanocomposite.

         Reporter: If these nanobots are as small as you say, how did you construct them and copy the millions to billions you have now?

         TL: We're using "Assemblers," which are tiny nanobots that create copies of each type.

         Reporter: How did you encourage the nanobots to stay in the appendix area?

          KS: There are antigens in the area of the obstruction that attract specific antibodies on the shells of the Appy-Bots.

         Reporter: Wow! That seems like a lot of scientific breakthroughs, but it sounds exciting!

        LR: Well, it is the Golden Age of Nanobots, and you'll probably be seeing a lot more of this kind of technology throughout the decade.

        Reporter: It sounds interesting, and it seems a lot safer and easier than surgery they used to perform back when I was a kid. Good Luck!

(Note: Appy-Bots are not to scale.)