One of the greatest challenges of repairing nervous system or brain damage is the fact that nerve cells must connect to many other neurons.

Nerve cells, because they must transmit signals to and from the brain extremely quickly, are very long and thin, and are connected to other nerve cells (at the synapses in the brain).

Therefore, it is crucial that the connections between the nerve cells – between both those that were re-grown and original cells – are reestablished during the regeneration process.

The CONNECT technology starts the growth process from scratch, and allows the new cells to mature and form connections with surrounding nerve-endings.

The microscopic capsules contained in the injection are filled with a variety of enzymes, each with its own specific purpose. In order to successfully regenerate the connections between the nerve cells, however, it is necessary that the CONNECT treatment be made in two phases:

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THE FIRST INJECTION locates and flags the damaged nerve cells and destroys some of the proteins that inhibit neuron re-growth in mature cells.

THE SECOND INJECTION contains the enzymes that stimulate the development of nerve cells.

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