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Photo by Angel Norris
Mrs. Rogers, a typical working mother in the year 2028, is involved in a transporter accident that resulted in a severe concussion, as well as paralysis from the waist down. When the doctors confirm that the paralysis is permanent, Mrs. Rogers decides to become part of a study that investigates the effectiveness of a new series of injections that can fully restore the feeling in her legs. By deploying microscopic capsules that can target and then spur the re-growth of damaged nerve cells, CONNECT hopes to help not only Mrs. Rogers and paralysis patients, but the families of patients suffering from a variety of nervous system illnesses.

Extensive research has shown that many nerve cells never undergo mitotic division, leaving victims of neurological diseases or injuries with permanent damage. Based on studies pinpointing the involvement of specialized enzymes in the embryonic nerve cell development, the re-growth of nerve cells can be achieved by the application of specific enzymes to damaged cells. The CONNECT injections contain these necessary enzymes in predetermined amounts so that nerve cell growth can be restarted and patients like Mrs. Rogers can fully heal.

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