TEVIA Tech’s integrated systems:

The Universal Control System utilizes TEVIA Tech's user interface and RFID technology to allow visually impaired individuals to remotely control all electronic devices in their homes or workplaces.

An RFID system consists of a transmitter/receiver and a set of minute tags, each with its own frequency. TEVIA Tech's transmitter sends an electronic query at a tag's particular frequency. The tag uses energy carried by the radio waves to respond to the transmitter's message with information regarding the location of a particular object.

Inexpensive programmable RFID tags may be placed throughout any public building. For example, a tag at the entrance of a store provides store name, description, and layout. Once inside, tags on specific items provide product detail including price and brand.

RFID tags installed in devices such as light switches and thermostats communicate with TEVIA Tech's receiver and control actuators in each device.