TEVIA Tech’s integrated systems:

The Guiding System integrates five technologies to allow VI users to easily navigate their surroundings: a thermographic camera, light field camera, Phased Array Radar (PAR), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags, and Global Positioning System (GPS).

The light field camera, which focuses at multiple distances, is the primary technology that TEVIA Tech uses for obstacle detection. The thermographic camera captures infrared light, allowing functionality in any light level. PAR uses a 2D array of radar transmitter/receivers to provide all-weather, 3D, perceptual information relative to an individual's motion. Finally, RFID tags add specific information including location of stores and street intersections.

Together, these technologies create a versatile system which can alert users of obstacles and provide navigation instructions through audio, vibrations, or directly on the device through tixels.

Using information collected over time, the Guiding System will adapt to how users walk, continually informing them of their positions relative to upcoming turns, curbs, staircases, or other obstacles.