The toothbrush of the future will have a special sensor on it that will detect if you still have bacteria on your teeth. 

The toothbrush will let you know as soon as your teeth are perfectly clean!  That means more and more children will grow up with strong, healthy teeth.

Additional Features:

1. Waterproof

2. Battery lives forever

3. If the brush senses a cavity it will send an email to you and your dentist.

The Fascinating Toothbrush Sensor

History of the Toothbrush

years ago

The Egyptians used a chew stick.  It was a twig with one soft, ragged end.



years ago

It had a bamboo handle.  The bristles came from the hairs on the back of hogs’ necks.

bamboo and hog bristles

bamboo brush

years ago

People in Europe used toothpicks made from brass or silver.



years ago

The nylon toothbrush is the kind most people use today.  The bristles are made of nylon.

nylon toothbrush

nylon brush

years ago

These brushes are the newest kinds of toothbrushes.  They are cordless electric ones.

electric toothbrush

“Disclosing Tablets” were also invented.  You can buy these pink pills from the drugstore.  Chew on one, and if your teeth turn pink it means you didn’t brush your teeth well enough.  You still have plaque on your teeth!


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