What are Solar T.R.E.E.s?


  • The Solar T.R.E.E, would have solar-powered leaves like leaves in nature. During photosynthesis, the light-capturing molecules in the leaves are continuously broken down and repaired. 
  • So, the molecules that absorb the ultraviolet (UV) light are constantly being replaced.
  • The leaves on the Solar T.R.E.E. would duplicate this repairing mechanism.
  • The leaves would be able to collect wind energy and convert it into electrical energy as well.

Solar Leaf


  • The leaves would be dark to attract more sunlight.
  • They would have light-harvesting reactions centers from purple bacterium.
  • They would have proteins and lipids for structure.
  • Carbon nanotubes would conduct the energy.
  • Nanosensors would collect energy from shaking in the wind.
  • These would charge a battery to store the energy.