• The Scent Clock looks like a normal alarm clock but on the inside it has a special space to put in the smell packets.
  • You can pick the smells you wish to use.
  • When you push the sleep button a fan starts to quietly blow out a little of the "sleep" smell.
  • The fan keeps blowing the smell during the night
  • 60 minutes before your wakeup time the fan stops blowing.
  • 30 minutes before wakeup time the fan starts to blow out the wakeup smell to help your brain wake up.
  • At wakeup time a loud sound is made and you should be able to wake up better because the smell has been around for 30 minutes.
Scent Clock Prototype outside  outside

scents inside      Scent Clock inside

Scewnt Clock inside: fan   fan and scents
  • You can hit the snooze button for 10 more minutes of sleep.
  • The fan will keep blowing the wakeup smell.
  • If you hit snooze 4 times the wakeup smell stops and the clock sends out the smell of smoke strong and fast.
  • This will make your brain wake up really quickly and get you out of bed.
  • It is only the smell, so there is no chance of fire.

front     front of Scent Clock