Fire - (pre-history) fire was the first use of light, warmth, cooking, and power for early humans.



Candles - (200s B.C. Qin Dynasty, China) the first candles were made from whale fat by the Chinese.




Oil Lamps -  (first used in the 1780s) Oil lamps were the form of light before the electric light bulb. They are still used to this day.




Electric Light Bulb - (1879) Thomas Edison improved the idea of electric light bulb. It was the first form of light created by electricity. Thomas Edison made this idea cheaper, more practical, less dangerous, and long-lasting.



Alternating Current - (1800) Alessandro Volta invented alternating current battery.




Piezoelectric Effect - (1880) Piezoelectricity was demonstrated  by the Curie brothers by using crystals that became electrically polarized when force was applied.



Fossil Fuels - (Mid 1880’s) According to the group Union of Concerned Scientists most electricity in the United States is generated from burning fossils fuels such as coal. Fossil fuels make up 85% of America’s primary source of energy.



SMART School - (2032) In the future, the S.M.A.R.T. school will make electricity out of sound and movement, also it will be anti-bacterial. (click image for a larger image view)