J.E.T. Case Features

  Straps: Make it easier to carry your music stand. They also help you because you can attach it to your instrument case or carry it on your shoulder. Shoulder vs. wrap around Straps. We envision them being made of recycled materials.

  USB Port:  used so you can hook your iPod, MP3 player, or computer to the music stand. This enables you to download music from your J.E.T. music stand onto other technologies.

  Solar panels: Allow you to charge you music stand in an earth-friendly way by using less electric energy and more solar energy.
  Screen pull and Stylus Holder:  The screen pull is used to pull down our screen. It is also a stylus holder that holds the stylus for your screen.  The stylus is the tool used to interact with the touch screen.

  Power Button: used to turn on and off your music stand.

  iPod Holder:  a plastic shelf, where your iPod rests when it is plugged into your music stand.

  Stem/Tripod: The tripod keeps your stand, standing. It also keeps it balanced. The tripod is flexible and wraps around things. The stem is adjustable to your height.

  Alternate power source: a plug-in charger that charges your stand when you canít use solar energy.



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