♫ “Practice” mode- In “Practice” mode, the J.E.T. will highlight the

                                                                   notes as they are played and uses the Congratulator

                                                                              “Practice” mode also include a Practice log page which helps the

                                                                   student keep track of practicing times



                                                                              “Perform” mode- In “Perform” mode, the J.E.T. puts selected

                                                                   music in proper order for your concert. It will not highlight or

                                                                   congratulate the musician during “Perform” mode.





                                                              ♫  “Create” mode- In “Create” mode, the J.E.T. will allow the musician

                                                                     to create his/her own songs. There are two ways of operating this

                                                                    mode.  The instrumentalist can either play the song, and the

                                                                    notes will show up on the screen on a staff, or he/she can touch

                                                                     and drag the notes from a box on the side of the screen using a 

                                                                     stylus and place them on a computer-generated staff.  There will

                                                                     be notes, meter signs, rests, and other music signs and symbols

                                                                      to use in the composition. After the composition is created, the

                                                                      musician can go back and edit to make changes. 



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