We added games to our J.E.T., thinking the musician would have a better experience practicing. You will “PLAY” while practicing…how fun!   When you complete an activity correctly, The J.E.T. even has a "Congratulator" that plays fun music and decorates the screen when you successfully finish an activity


Practice Mode Games


  Connecting Compositions- Connect the music notes by playing them.
  Creative Coloring- Color by music notes.


  Look, Listen, Play- First you look at the piece that you are going to play.  

    Then you listen to the piece   you’re playing, finally you play the piece back  

     to the J.E.T. 

  Magic Minute- How many times you can play a part of a song  in a minute..
  The Rule of 5- Play 5 notes of a song 20 times and try to get  faster every


  Keep The Beat-  Keep a steady beat throughout the whole  piece 


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