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"This would absolutely be one of the best inventions the police department has seen in thirty years!"
                                                                                           --- Officer Brian Bardle, Police Department.

The Night-Lens will impact people with impaired vision and help citizens who have trouble doing their daily errands after dark. It also will help ambulance drivers, emergency workers, and police investigators. The Night-Lens will impact the way people live, work, and play at night.

Some breakthroughs will be required to create this impact. Photocathode will need to be created much smaller; small enough to fit into a contact lens without irritating the eye. Yet it needs to still work just as perfectly as the ones in night-vision goggles and rifle scopes. 

Also, the photocathode has to work in sync with the lens, not throwing any objects out of proportion since it is so small. It needs to be tested many times to make sure that the night vision merged with the contact lens will not make things appear closer or farther away. If so, the Night-Lens would be dangerous, rather than helpful. These breakthroughs will be a small price to pay, to create a safe, easy, and inexpensive way to be safe while driving at night.