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The Night-Lens is a night vision contact lens developed for civilian use. The Night-Lens is designed to help people with poor vision drive and be outside after twilight. Our contact lens is meant to be accessible and inexpensive enough for the average person to be able to buy it. The Night-Lens will work by merging the modern contact lens and modern night vision. This contact lens will be helpful to the military, because it will be as powerful as night vision scopes and goggles used today, but the Night-Lens will be less heavy, bulky, and more economical.           
This contact lens will be made with siloxane. Siloxane lets oxygen to the eye 25 times more than the soft lenses used today. Siloxane makes a flexible, thin film over the eye. When using this material for contact lenses, researchers found it attracts fats to the surface; obscuring the wearer’s vision. Siloxane also does not wet easily, an obvious problem for a contact lens material. But, researchers have found a way to chemically attach a wetting agent, and we plan to add night vision to this, thus creating a siloxane contact lens into the Night-Lens.