Microbe ID System - Viral or Bacterial


The Microbe IDís (MID) most significant consequence is the ability to immediately identify and effectively treat diseases. Its review of patientsí medical information, medical allergies, and prescription conflicts would prevent the occurrence of other potential medical problems.  Also, the MID could prevent the prescription of unnecessary antibiotics.  

The negative side of the MID System includes the normal computer-based security issues.  Also, malfunctioning sensors could cause a misdiagnosis, resulting in serious consequences.  Most importantly, the home MID might provide a false sense of security.  The device can detect the cause of the disease, but is not necessarily able to gauge the extent of the illness. Parents might rely on the MIDís diagnosis, when their child might really need to be taken to a doctor, where expert eyes could recognize the need for immediate hospitalization.  The MIDís weak point is its inability to detect the severity of the illness.