Signal Absorber


Griffin is having a good time at school like everybody else and he has a lot of friends. However, he has difficulties having Tourette
Syndrome. Sometimes his friends make fun of him because he blinks his eyes a lot. But they are not Griffin's voluntary actions. They are natural symptoms of having Tourette Syndrome.
Griffin sometimes can't stand still or control his actions. He once injured himself because of his uncontrollable symptoms.Griffin hopes the Signal Absorber would cure people with Tourette Syndrome like him.
The Signal Absorber could help Griffin  
  to have a more comfortable and safe
  life. His friends would stop making fun
  of him and Griffin would stop injuring
  himself because of his tics.
Signal Absorber could help Griffin and other people who have Tourette Syndrome. It could stop them from
having tics or other involuntary actions. With the help of the Signal Absorber,
they would no longer struggle becuase
of Tourette Syndrome and would
be able to control their actions.

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