Have you made the tracker and beeper as yet?
No, however it may be made someday soon.

Will you make a working model for the next part of your project?
No, but we hope Toshiba or someone else does!!  However, we do have 'play'  models.

What if someone jams the radio signal?
We don't know how to fix this, but we think (and hope) that it is unlikely.

How will the tracker work?
Either with solar cells or batteries.
And the beeper?
It will need to have a tiny thin battery.

How will the tracker have a map of your house?
We have not thought of the exact details, but it could be programmed. We need to add buttons for this.

Can the sticker be used to find other things?
Yes, you can use it to track special toys or parents could use it for house keys.

Where can I buy the microchip sticker?
You can buy the sticker at a shop like Walmart once they will be available.

What if the microchip sticker falls off the book cover?
Then the librarian has to buy another sticker and program the due date into the microchip.

How do you enter this contest?
Go to internet website at Exploravision and read the rules.

How long did it take you to do this project?
Brainstorming - 15 hours with our mentor. Reading - 10 hours each. Writing - 10 hours and lots of help. Art -
5 hours. Web site - 25 hours. We started in November

Questions Asked & Our Answers
The Happy Ending
With our idea, people won't have to pay
fines and they can locate other important
objects, such as car keys!

Happy librarians, happy people, no lost

Be careful not to lose your tracker!
To prevent loss of tracker, keep it in a
safe place!

[Questions & Answers from our presentation to the third graders at our school.]

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