The Book Beeper will remind you to return your book on time.  It is a tiny microchip alarm sticker that the librarian glues into
every book. When you check out a book, the librarian will scan the beeper and the microchip alarm will be programed to beep
1 day before the due date.  Now you can return your book to the library and avoid a fine.

The second part of our solution is the Book Tracker to help you find a book when it is lost. At the library, your library card will
also be scanned and programed with the list of books you have ckecked out.  When you get home, you program the  handheld
Book Tracker . It has a slot where you insert your library card. Now the Book Tracker has information about your library books.
The Book Tracker has buttons for different functions to help you find your book in case it gets lost.
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Slide your library card into
the slot of the Book Tracker
Book Beeper
(microchip alarm sticker)
Microchip alarm beeps 1 day
before the due date so that
you can return the book on
Laser scanner
programs the alarm
and your library card
at the library
Your list of books and due
dates is loaded into the Tracker
Press CHOOSE to select
a book you want to find.
Press BEEP or FIND to
locate a lost book.
Book Tracker
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