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The HEADS UP! HELMET Protects Soldiers from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Polyethylene Shell Shatterproof Polymer Chin Strap Polyethylene Shell Shatterproof Polymer Chin Strap

  • The overlapping plate design isolates direct impact loads (bullets) and diffuses multi-directional blast loads (IEDs).
  • The overlapping plates are supported by aramid encased shock-absorbing liquid that hardens instantly on impact, but can also reverse back to fluid, and is flexible and lightweight.
  • Each individual adjustable plate is covered with gel lubricant and skinned with an elastic membrane that helps to absorb the initial milliseconds of high impact energy much the way skin protects the skull.
  • The exterior shell contains sophisticated sensors that detect rapid heat and air pressure changes.
  • The interior shell contains 5 progammable sensors that activate to notify army field medical personnel of the presence and/or level of brain injury.
  • Mounted within the helmet is a shock-absorbing gel sack that molds to the soldier’s head for greater comfort and expands into protective layers on impact to form a cushion of cranial insulation to prevent trauma.
  • A second gel sack containing instant cold crystals provides the necessary metabolic cool-down to prevent intracranial pressure (ICP) build-up – one of the most dangerous and damaging results of TBI.
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