The Incredible Shoe Machine

In order for our invention to become a reality, there have to be a few breakthroughs:

Since we want EVERYBODY to be able to use our Incredible Shoe Machine, it will have to be very affordable. The shoe machine will scan normal feet with digital cameras. But in order to scan abnormal feet, and legs with braces or prosthetics, we'll need lasers or MRI's which have to become less expensive for general use in the shoe machine.

Computerized stationary treadmills, with force plates to measure the pressure points of the feet, which can send out the data to our shoe machine, have to be invented.

In order to eliminate socks (since thick socks can make the shoes tight and thin socks can make the shoes feel loose) we will have to invent a special material which will line the shoes so as to fit the person perfectly. It will have to be a self-cleaning material, along with the shoe, and "breathable" in order to let the feet sweat normally. The material will also be able to maintain a steady temperature within the shoe, so the person won't get too hot in it, or freeze in it in cold weather.

We hope to invent a special material for the uppers and the soles and heels so it can be thicker or denser at the pressure points of the feet without the sole itself being crooked. The material will be a stretchy one which can grow with kids' feet so they won't have to get new shoes very often.

One last invention which would be great for our shoes, is a spring which can fit into the shoes The Incredible Shoe Machine makes, specially for amputees (people who have no legs), so that they will be able to walk just as fast as normal people with the help of the springs which will go "boing, boing!"


  1. You will have perfect shoes every time.
  2. No more leg pain because of bad shoes.
  3. It will be fast and not as expensive as custom hand-made shoes.
  4. You can get any kind of shoes - for running, hiking, dancing, etc.
  5. Even if your left shoe size is different from your right shoe size, you can still have perfect fitting shoes!
  6. Amputees (people with no legs) can have special spring-shoes which will help them walk as fast as normal people.


  1. People will lose their jobs because you won't need hand-made shoes anymore.
  2. The socks industry may lose a few jobs because of the special socks material we'll create to line the shoes.