The Bath Butler helps you take a bath.  You can program the
way you want your bath.  The Bath Butler asks you questions
such as what temperature you want your water.  The Bath
Butler has a mirror that recognizes your face.  Once you
program your settings into the Bath Butler, it remembers who
you are and what you want when you look into the mirror.
There is a reset button to change your settings if you want to.  If
you have a small child that is going to take a bath there is a
parental control option to keep your child from programming
the water too hot or too cold.  Once you're done programming
the Bath Butler, you step inside.  The Bath Butler fills almost
instantly with water at whatever temperature you have selected.
The bath water stays warm and clean by constantly circulating
through a filtration system, which also recycles the water.  See
the Filtration System page.  The filtration system also has a clean
water tank where you can get water if there is an earthquake.
Everyone in the family has their own safe in the Bath Butler's
"Safe"ty Wall to keep their own things in such as a razor or a
sponge.  A dispenser adds bath oils or soap to your bath.  After
that basically you just take a normal bath.  The auto nag feature
reminds young children to wash everywhere!  The Bath Butler
also has a panic button to press if there's any kind of problem.
After you're done with your bath, an air shower dries you off if
you like, with air vents that come on according to your height.
No more towels!  The Bath Butler also has a steam bath feature
that can release steam through the air shower nozzles.  The Bath
Butler has a built-in television monitor, VCR, a computer with
internet and e-mail capability, and an outdoor camera for seeing
who's at your front door.

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