Asthma Sensor Monitoring System

Saving Lives One Breath At A Time

Another important component of the ASMS is a bracelet-like structure that will contain a semi-conductor laser, a detector, and an atomic battery.  The semi-conductor laser will emit light with a specific wavelength that can only be absorbed by NO.  The sensor will need to be made of a material that will reflect a specific wavelength of light back to the detector in the bracelet. If a lot of the light is absorbed, it is an indication that a lot of NO has been absorbed by the sensor and the NO in the child’s exhaled gases is increasing.  If, however, the sensor does not absorb a lot of the specific wavelength, it means that the level of NO is not increasing. 

If the NO levels increase to a dangerous level, the information will be transmitted to a wireless asthma network database that will alert the child’s caregiver and the school nurse that an impending asthma attack might occur.  The complete system would be powered by an atomic battery which would also be located in the bracelet. 

The orientation of the bracelet will also be extremely vital. There needs to be a straight line pathway between the sensor, the detector, and the laser light generator. A micro-electro-mechanical (MEM) device will act like a gyroscope and will maintain the proper orientation.  

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