1. What is a brain tumor?
A.  A collection of blood.
B.  Blood vessels in the brain.
C.  A lump of unnecessary cells
in the brain.
2. How small is a  nanometer?
A.  Half a meter.
B.  One billionth of a meter.
C.  One millionth of a meter.
3. What is one of the present
day treatments for brain
A.  Chemotherapy.
B.  Plastic Surgery.
C.  Zinc Treatment.
4. What is one thing that
the Nano Snippit-Bot is
powered by?
A.  Carbon.
B.  Zinc.
C.  Glucose.
5. What is nanotechnology?
A.  The study of brain tumors.
B.  The technology where things
are built atom by atom.
C.  The technology of tiny
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