Dragon Jar AFM GPS Seismograph Holography DSRC

DSRC stands for "Dedicated Short Range Communication."  It uses the very fast, short range radio frequency of 5.9 GHz.  This allows a large amount of data to be transmitted by microwaves.  This avoids the line of sight problems that occur with traditional radio wave signals.  DSRC is a new technology, approved by the FCC in 2003.  In Japan, it is used primarily for electronic toll collection.  It is also used in the USA for commercial purposes, although recent articles show an interest in public safety applications.

The roadside equipment consists of a wireless communication antenna, the antenna controller and a vehicle detector sensor, as is shown in the diagram below.  The communication takes place by onboard equipment reflecting the radio waves being emitted from the roadside antenna and equipment.

To date, DSRC has not been used to communicate with non-vehicle locations, as is proposed with our VEWS invention.

Present Technology