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Want To Know More?

Here are some great websites that will help you learn more about the science of volcanoes, lahars and early warning systems.  They are also interactive activities! 




USGS Learning Web-"Exploring Earth Hazards" 

USGS "What Do Maps Show?"

USGS "Earthquake Trivia Game" and "Geologic Mapping Trvia Game" 

USGS-Cascade Volcano Observatory  "Live Volcano Cams From Around the World"

USGS-Cascade Volcano Observatory "Learn About Volcanoes" (be sure and check out "volcano monitoring")

UND-Volcano World

NASA-"How Volcanoes Work" (Lahars)                                                   

U.S. Geological Survey Volcano Hazards Program

NASA-Volcano Topography and Volcanic Hazards: Monitoring of Volcanoes

Society For Amateur Scientists-"Amateur Holography" (learn how to set up your own holography lab!)