For our Dehydra DH® to become a reality, several breakthroughs are necessary.

Sweat Absorbing pads

We need cotton-wool blends to be modified to absorb sweat better and soak the reservoir. The reservoir is to be connected to the carbon nanotube substrate through microchannels that would transport the sweat through capillary action.

Carbon nanotube substrate

This section that holds the substrate require major breakthrough. There are initial indications that this is realizable based on research that have been reported in the last few years. The idea here is to measure the weight of the salt left behind after vaporization. The salt measurement along with water content can lead to computing concentration which has a correlation to the dehydration in human bodies.

Water Absorbing poly gels

The final breakthrough in technology is to happen through modification of polymeric gels that can effectively absorb the water vapor from the sweat and swell. The swelling will strain a carbon nanotube sensor that can indicate the volume of swell thus providing means of computing water content.

Wearable Technology

The wearable technology is advancing at a rapid rate and for our Dehydra DH® to be commonplace, nano level manufacturing breakthroughs are required to accommodate circuitry and signal processing chips in place.