Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers

The hyperbaric chamber is a tank that contains high-pressure oxygen. There are individual hyperbaric chambers, rooms, and even a building that utilizes whole floors. 

Burns heal best in pure and pressurized oxygen, as used in an hyperbaric chamber


Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Since oxygen is the key to metabolism, cells will metabolize better in pure oxygen. The reason for the high pressure is that in 50% more air pressure, the body receives 50% more oxygen.

Some isolated body parts, such as a leg, are enveloped in a transparent covering and inflated like a large balloon. This technique is not used on the head area. However, this balloon does not have the benefit of having high pressure and must have a very high concentration of oxygen. These methods also isolate the patient from normal life routines.

Face Brace will be a part of normal life.

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