Pain medications are needed to help the burn victim. At first, patients feel little due to destroyed nerve endings; however, the nerves repair, and the patient experiences excruciating pain. Heavy doses of medication are often needed; the patient may even need to be anesthetized.  Face Brace can include pain medication within the mask.
  • The earliest burn treatment was the herb, Neem. Other herbs used were eucalyptus oil and Pink Mempat.  For at least 2,000 years, aloe or aloe vera was used in an oil form to help treat burns. North American Indians used birch bark poultices to help clean and cure burns.  
  • In 1897, saline infusions were first advocated to treat burns.
  • The first patches were probably made by parents with salve on a bandage to cover a burn.
  • Pressure bandages were effective in holding in medications (a type of patch).
  • By 1976, the treatment for burns had gone from endlessly applying salve to surgically removing the skin and putting on a skin graft.
  • Approved in 1979, transdermal (through the skin) patches deliver controlled doses of a drug through the skin over a period of time. They are commonly used for nicotine, motion sickness, weight control, birth control, and pain medication. The reservoir transdermal system design includes a liquid compartment reservoir and a silicone release liner.
  • Face brace will bring this technology to a new level through an Aerogel structure.
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