The advantages of the BCB are many. Because Provigil II and Prosleep are injected directly into the bloodstream, their effects are not nullified in the stomach. The user enters how long he/she wishes to be awake or asleep and the drugs are administered correspondingly. Another advantage of the BCB is the sleep drug, Prosleep, that not only puts the wearer to sleep, but also gives the non-REM and REM sleep for an appropriate rest period, so that one can sleep for less time and still get the rest one needs. Finally, the BCB monitors body patterns such as heart rate and temperature so that the computer can determine if the person has gone too long without sleep. The BCB will not let the wearer stay awake any longer than 36 hours.

Despite its many better qualities, the BCB does have disadvantages. The band would be dangerous to people with sleep apnea. Wearers could also refuse to follow safety regulations and take additional sleep medicine. While they continue to feel alert, their body would crave sleep, resulting in an inability to think properly. The computer does have memory and will not dispense Provigil II if the body has not had sufficient sleep time within a five day period. Finally, users might create a sleep pattern unnatural to their body, throwing off the natural sleep cycle and creating a "long term jet-lag" if they stopped using the unit.

BCB by SST Technologies

The microneedles are tiny and painless

Side effects may include "long-term jet-lag"