Smart Cars

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The Tread-Transforming Smart Vehicle System will be more fuel efficient. It will change its treads using electromagnets. The electromagnetic metal strips repel/attract one another generating the treads.  The tread deployment will be under the control of a CPU which will receive its signals from the sensors in the car and the larger network.  GPS satellites will give locations of the vehicles.  In the case where many cars in the area send a signal to the tower to deploy treads (Panel A), then the tower will send out a signal to all the cars entering the area to deploy treads (Panel B).  A car’s tread deployment status is shown by a red mark on top of the car.

In this scenario, the green car’s sensors detected tire slippage and notified the CPU to deploy treads.  As stated above, the car’s CPU gets location details from the GPS satellite.  The location and deployment status is sent to the control tower.    The control tower notifies all the other cars in the area to deploy their treads based on the blue car’s tread status.  This notification is sent only to the cars heading for that particular intersection.  A car’s tread deployment status is shown by a red mark on top of the car.