The Cavity Zapper
When the Cavity Zapper comes
out, dentists can just quit their
jobs and go and have a happy
life. They won't have to work any
A problem could be: how do we know kids are going to brush and use the Cavity Zapper
correctly? Maybe your mom would say, "I got it for you and now you have to use it."

Maybe a little green light on the handle would tell if you used it properly. A yellow light would
mean okay, and a red light would mean you didn't use it correctly or you didn't use it at all.
Another thing to think about is since your mouth also has a lot of good bacteria, no one
could use the Cavity Zapper antibiotic toothpaste and floss all the time. If you did, you
would kill all the good bacteria, and the bad bacteria would just get used to the treatment.
It would also be bad if part of the Cavity Zapper breaks and you don't know about it.

The Cavity Zapper could be cheaper than filling one cavity with a silver filling and a lot cheaper
than all the resins and the worry. One of our cavities cost $97.
The Tooth Fairy will say, "Oh my gosh! They brushed their teeth well."