The Cavity Zapper
UPC bar codes on packages are very large and easy  to see, but bacteria are not. This is
because they are microscopic. So, the laser that reads the image of the bad bacteria found by
the sensors would need to be able to read microscopic things.

Also, the Cavity Zapper needs to be small enough to fit in anyone's mouth and not scare the
tooth fairy if she sees it.

We might need to change the way people think about  cavities, like everyone gets them so
they are no big deal.

Dr. Smiley says, "We could use breakthroughs in other areas too."
1. How about vaccine to prevent decay?
2. How about digital radiography that would be instantaneous and use only 1/3 the
radiation of regular x-rays?
3. How about improvement in dental adhesives?
4. How about ways to prevent gum disease?
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