The  Cavity  Zapper
By 2021, the Cavity Zapper is going to find the cavity before it happens. It always cleans the
teeth perfectly and never lets you miss a spot. It will be as light and easy to use as an old-
fashioned toothbrush, only it will have a sensor on the end of each bristle so you don't miss a
single germ.
The bristles will be made of fiber optic plastic, which means they will reflect light like a camera.
When the bad, cavity causing bacteria are detected by the Cavity Zapper's sensors, the bacteria
will make sort of a pattern or a picture that can be read with a laser. The sensors ignore all the
good bacteria in your mouth, but the harmful bacteria will show up as a flashing red light on a
little scrteen that plugs into an outlet on your bathroom wall. The Cavity Zapper will plug into the
The whole thing could work
like the UPC bar code
scanner used in libraries
and grocery stores.
A grown-up would then help you use Cavity Zapper antibiotic toothpaste or antibiotic floss, just
exactly on the spot where the harmful bacteria are before they've had a chance to destroy your
tooth enamel.
Maybe the floss and toothpaste could come together in a pack. And ZAP! The cavity didn't
even stand a chance. You can even go back and check on the screen to be sure you got
Detection should take about a second. The whole thing-- brushing, detection, and treatment--
should take about three minutes.
Science Note: Phototonics all
started with Albert Einstein. He
wrote a paper explaining that
light is really made of photons.
Each photon has its own energy
that we can use in different ways.
Einstein won a Noble Prize.