The  Cavity  Zapper
To prevent cavities we try to eat snacks
that are good for our teeth like apples or
carrots. We try to stay away from sugar.
We visit the dentist twice a year and have
an x-ray once a year. The dentist cleans
our teeth and treats them with more
fluoride. It is pink and tastes bad, and we
are not allowed to eat or drink for half an
hour after each visit. Some people believe
that fluoride is bad for you. We all have
sealants or resins on our premolars and
The dentist sometimes paints our teeth with a
disclosing solution, and it takes a long time to
scrub off all the yucky, red stuff. The color
shows us the plaque that has built up since our
last visit. But by that time it can be too late
because cavities develop within two to twelve
months, depending on how much sugar we eat.
By the time we go to the dentist, we can
already have a cavity in any one of our twenty-
four teeth!
We brush after meals and snacks with a
fluoride toothpaste. We search for the
rough, sticky plaque with our tongues
and brush those areas better. We try to
floss once a day.

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