Wireless Information Integration will inevitably have both positive and negative effects on consumers and society.

Concerns: The Cost of Communication

1. Compromised personal privacy

With advanced RFID tag interaction, FDIAs may enable companies to monitor consumers' shopping habits. Skilled FDIA users might violate others' private files.

2. Jeopardized national and corporate security

Insurgents or corporate spies could manipulate FDIAís extensive network to obtain sensitive information and distribute it globally.

3. Induced information overload

Critics of electronic media argue that reduced attention spans occur with overexposure to superfluous information, which the FDIA might provide.

*Proper consumer rights legislation and future security software/protocols will probably protect sensitive information from unauthorized access.

Benefits: More than Faster Downloads

1. Reduced environmental damage

Discarded hardware or batteries contain many poisonous compounds. However, the FDIA uses an organic battery and biodegradable components that won't harm the environment.

2. Improved standard of living

FDIAs will provide digital entertainment, daily convenience, easy telecommunications and access to knowledge 24/7, but will also reduce emergency response times, thus saving lives.

3. Globalized access to information

When implemented worldwide, Wireless Information Integration will provide people of all nationalities with the opportunity to access the global consortium of information.

Overall Assessment: Fueling the Flame

Like the Greek bearer of fire, our Promethean Network will distribute the figurative flame of knowledge. But the greatest benefits cannot be predicted and could only be revealed with time. Like all great discoveries and inventions, Wireless Information Integration would be a stepping-stone, a springboard for an unfathomable explosion of further developments for the betterment of all people. With seamless availability and access to the whole of human knowledge, mankind will have the means to instigate unprecedented change in the perspective and existence of the entire race.


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