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Wireless Information Integration combines an improved modern entertainment, communication, and information-providing technology with superior new developments into a single device.

GAN: Better than Broadband

The FDIA can receive GAN news broadcasts anywhere, anytimeConsumers save time and money with one source for on-demand movies, e-books, TVoIP, global databases, news. etc., and because of streamlined communication (e.g. spontaneous videoconferencing) businesses and hospitals will save money and increase productivity.

Local Network and RFID Interaction

Local networks and radio frequency IDs (RFIDs), interactive tags that contain product data, will help personalize broadcasted information. For example:

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Broader local networks spanning several miles will allow information exchange between users and stores or authorities or peers at the workplace.

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[A Trip to the Store]

[Helping out the Police]

The FDIA also features convenient shape transformations because of its shape-memory polymer, and provides privacy with directional sound along with security because of biometric palm-vein scanning (see images below).

Rendering of Palm-Vein Scanning

Fujitsu's Palm-Scanning Technology


Designed for Toshiba's Exploravision Competition
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