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History of Toothpaste 

Toothpaste was first used in China and India and was made out of powered deer antlers, powdered cattle hoofs or bones, honey, ashes, and herbs Soap and lime were mixed together to form a paste John Harris added chalk to create friction to scrape off the plaque Sold as nice smelling toothpaste in a jar and mass produced First put into a collapsible metal tube by Dr. Washington Sheffield Fluoride was added to protect your teeth and prevent cavities

History of Toothbrush

The Babylonians started using "chewingsticks" to scrape and clean their teeth Toothpicks made out of nice smelling twigs that cleaned and freshened people's mouths and teeth The Chinese made toothbrushes out of sticks of bamboo with bristles made from hairs of a wild boar The first electric toothbrush was made in Switzerland The first rechargeable cordless toothbrush was sold by General Electric The first rotary action toothbrush to be used at home was made by Interplak