Sonic Brush Guard Features


Why Brush?



Sonic Brush Guard Features

Using Sonic Brush Guard

Technologies Needed




  • It is shaped like a mouth guard that football players wear.

  • It will use small motors to move tiny brushes that use friction to brush all of your teeth and gums at once.

  • The bristles also vibrate to make bubbles, like a tuning fork in water, to clean your teeth

  • It will use small rechargeable batteries inside the handle

  • It will be made out of plastic that is a little flexible.

  • It will come in many different sizes and colors.

  • You will use a bite plate to find out your “Sonic Brush Guard” size and then order it from the dentist or store.

  • Different colors will help you find your “Sonic Brush Guard” quickly instead of using someone else’s.

Good Consequences:

  • It will only take one minute to brush all of your teeth and gums

  • It will be fun to brush your teeth to music

  • You can brush your teeth “on the go”

  • It will do a great job of brushing all of your teeth and gums

  • Everybody will have healthy teeth and gums

  • Everybody will have a nice smile

Bad Consequences:

  • Small children might choke on it (should be used by children ages three and up)

  • Might need to replace brushes

  • Need to buy a new “Brush Guard” when your mouth grows bigger